Osram-top Tier Work Environment by Juan Carlos Baumgartner/Space

Juan Carlos Baumgartner/Space Designs The Osram Top Tier Work Environment

Juan Carlos Baumgartner / spAce, the author of the awarded project top tier work environment by Juan Carlos Baumgartner / spAce points out, Osram embodies the connection between light, culture, society, consumption and entertainment which are elements that define the fluid chaos of life in the city, projecting this from the reception where a visual code reflecting the identity of the brand is projected giving a changing rhythm to the entire place, surpassing the barriers of what is common, functional and normal; tossing out two and three dimensional lines zigzagging above and below flowing through walls, panels, glass and carpets in multiple points of view geometrically linked. .

Osram-top Tier Work Environment by Juan Carlos Baumgartner/Space Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=54461

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