Light Bulb by Eric Brockmeyer + Karl Willis

Eric Brockmeyer + Karl Willis Reveals The Printed Bulbs Light Bulb

Eric Brockmeyer + Karl Willis, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Printed Bulbs by Eric Brockmeyer + Karl Willis spells out, The ‘Printed Bulbs’ series explores new forms for light bulbs that reimagine the conventional ‘Edison bulb’ with a specialized 3D printing process. Within the clear bulb material internal structures are carefully designed to guide and reflect light. These techniques can be fabricated entirely in a 3D printer to enable new form-factors for lighting design. Each light bulb can be attached to any existing lighting fixture, such as a chandelier or desk lamp, or used individually as a pendant lamp or free-standing light. .

Light Bulb by Eric Brockmeyer + Karl Willis Images:


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